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Why does Immigration ask for Chest X-ray and Blood Test?

You've applied for your Working Holiday Visa and after few days, New Zealand immigration has required you to have a medical examination, a Chest X-ray and a Blood Test. Here are the three reasons...

Processing Time and Immigration Costs for your Working Holiday Visa

To process your application for a Working Holiday Visa, you will need to pay $208 (New Zealand Dollars). You can pay this amount online by Visa or Mastercard. You should receive your visa within 28...

How long Can I Work for a Company with my Working Holiday Visa?

While you are on your Working Holiday Visa, you can... Study/train for no longer than six months (in total). Work here. Be careful, you could have a limited duration for each of your contracts...
Which countries are eligible for an Australian working holiday visa?

Countries Eligible for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

If you are considering applying for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand, you must hold a valid passport from one of the countries below. Argentina, Austria Belgium, Brazil Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Denmark Estonia Finland, France Germany Hong Kong, Hungary ...
What Are the Requirements for a 417 Working Holiday Visa?

Requirements for a Working Holiday Visa

Thinking about coming to New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa? Make sure that you meet all the requirements! You are between (inclusive of) the ages 18 and 30. You have a passport from...

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