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Tips for finding a job in NZ in 2022

Understanding the New Zealand job market is the first step to a successful migration. This will also determine the type of visa to take. In New Zealand, the way you look for a job might be completely different from your home country. Let us look at how to find a job in New Zealand.

What Has Changed Over the Last Few Years with Covid?

Since the start of the pandemic and lockdown measures, the number of job posts done online decreased dramatically. The number of jobs advertised in New Zealand and five other countries fell by half in the second half of 2020. The fall impacted almost every sector of New Zealand’s economy.

What is the State of the New Zealand Job Market Now?

It is evident that the job market is currently recovering from the pandemic and rapidly growing. The job market has been projected to be very strong. Over the years 2018-23 and 2023-28, the government’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) forecasts annual mean GDP growth of roughly 2.7 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively.

This GDP performance will be supported by significant growth in exports, a comeback in tourism, residential investment, and household spending. At these growth rates, New Zealand will require approximately 40,000 new workers every year.

With an older population and more individuals leaving employment, most of those new jobs will likely have to be filled by people who come to New Zealand from other countries. Additionally, the challenges of people arriving on working holiday visas haven’t changed much.

Which are Some of the Thriving Industries in New Zealand?

  • Nursing
  • Psychologist
  • Administrative assistant
  • Machines operator
  • Child welfare
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Radiologists
  • Teachers

Tips and Advice for Finding a Job in New Zealand in 2022

Finding a job in New Zealand is not as hectic. If you are a foreigner, you first need to know what visa to get. The type of visa you obtain will determine your benefits. Let’s look at how one can get a job in New Zealand.

Create your CV

A New Zealand CV is typically two to three pages at most. Here you gather Information about yourself, educational background, skills and expertise, work experience, hobbies, and referees. Make sure your wording and style are correct. You can also generate a CV in the New Zealand style using a CV building tool.

Get Ready for an Interview

Research about the employer’s company. Check out their websites and the services or products they offer. Make a list of potential questions to which you might be asked and your responses. Practice the Q&A with friends and family

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