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    We hire quality talent, and fast Industry recruitment In business since February 2005 in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, Frog Recruitment is an award-winning recruitment agency and HR provider with people at our heart. It all comes down to one concept – knowing. Knowing where the organisation is headed, knowing the skills and behaviours required to get there, knowing the culture, knowing what success in each job looks like, knowing where to find individuals who meet those needs, and knowing how to build relationships. This is where Frog Recruitment comes in.

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    "Empowering individuals through meaningful connections and shared experiences, Frog Recruitment envisions a world where every person can connect, learn, and grow by harnessing the collective wisdom, compassion, and potential of our global community. We aspire to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and inspire positive change, building a more interconnected and compassionate world for all."

about us

Who are We? is the ultimate resource for working holidaymakers in New Zealand, with tips and information on visas, job seeking, settling in, and exploring New Zealand If you're in New Zealand on a work and holiday visa, moving and making a life in New Zealand can be a difficult process, which is why this site aims to provide all the information and resources working holidaymakers may need during their stay.

The site is brought to you by Frog Recruitment, which recruits temporary and permanent roles across New Zealand. See current job openings here . Enjoy your holiday!

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