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The best-hidden gems in New Zealand to explore

Planning a visit to New Zealand for your holidays? Well, boy oh boy, you are in for a great treat! Despite the country’s significantly smaller size compared to its neighbouring country, Australia, its diverse landscape is home to a few of the most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, picture-worthy amazing locations you will ever visit.

From untouched forests to secluded islands, secret beaches, and freshwater lakes, you are guaranteed to have the best time of your life visiting these gems. As they say, to travel is to explore, indeed! Thus, read on, and let us take you on the less travelled road to discover a few of New Zealand’s great-hidden gems.

Limestone Creek Glowworm Caves in the North Island
While popular caves like those in Waitomo are given all the glowworm praise, the Limestone Creek Reserve close to Palmerstone North is an amazing hidden gem. Tread a 600m loop walk to discover towering moss-covered canyons, glowworm displays, and awesome limestone caves.

This adventurous walk will have you scrambling through shallow cave streams, giving you the best time of your life. Prepare to get your feet wet too! The spot is located on Limestone Road, Apiti, Manawatu-Whanganui on the North Island.

The Waikawau Beach Tunnel
Close to the famous Waitomo Caves, you will come across a remote beach with a difference. The Waikawau Beach Tunnel is a short, breathtaking landmark, man-made entry that leads to Waikawau Beach.
One of the best aspects of this tunnel is its history and its peak-like format. Carved in the year 1911, the Beach Tunnel provided access for beach stock to arrive at the nearby Nukuhakere Station. Its peak-like format was to make it high enough for a tall horseman and wide enough to give access to the largest of beasts. How could you not wish to visit such a unique site?

Hokianga Harbor
As one of the first landing areas for early Maori migration, you will find the Hokianga Harbor, a deep inlet on Northland’s west coast. The Maori creation story is told in the Waipoua Forest, which soars with kauri trees. The forest also coexists with modern pursuits like swimming, sandboarding, and feasting on chips and fish.

The Whangaroa Harbor
In Northland, a few km above Paihia in the Bay of Islands, there’s a place even better than the Bay of Islands itself, the Whangaroa Harbor. This hidden gem is an inlet with clear blue waters. It is recommended that you walk and climb St.Paul’s Rock to get the best views of the amazing blues. For sure, not many people make it there, so it’s worth experimenting with.

Ghost Street in Auckland
For food lovers, discover Ghost Street, a favourite Britomart Restaurant. Tucked away down some stairs at the back of Café Hanoi, you will find a lively and bustling ambience with top-notch servings of outstanding Chinese food. The cocktails are just as amusing as the food itself, with little Chinese twists on traditional Western cocktails like Sichuan negronis or lychee martinis.

To have a few drinks with your friends in a hidden spot, proceed down to Karangahape Road to find Sly. This could get interesting! To get your way in, you will have to first enter the waiting area where all the walls are covered in photo frames and try your luck to discover the hidden door. The food menu is outstanding and delicious too.

Little Creatures Brewery
Stop by Little Creatures, a brewery housed in the historic Sunderland hangar in Hobsonville. The scale of the brewery in this gem is a moment in itself. The place is famous for its locally brewed hazy IPA and pale ale. You will also find different kinds of wines and non-alcoholic choices for those who don’t guzzle.

You can also order pizza and a sharing plate with your friends, or try the ‘brewers’ brunch’ during the weekend. The ambience is cool and the scenery is lavish too.

In New Zealand, you are spoilt for choice, and on a short vacation, you can go hunt out these hidden gems while discovering some for yourself. Besides being blessed with beautiful locations, New Zealand has a rich history too!

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