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Cost-effective tips to make the most of your NZ trip.

New Zealand has been known for many things, but being cheap isn’t one of them. On the contrary, the country is among the most expensive places to visit due to the increased cost of living. Even so, with a proper plan and some spending restraint, you can enjoy the whole quintessential experience New Zealand has to offer. Read on to find out the different ways to explore the country without burning a hole in your pocket.

Travel Off-Peak

Summer is a time most people love to travel around the world, and it’s also the case in New Zealand. As a result, the country experiences an influx of tourists in the summer months of January, December, and February, during which the cost of living more than doubles.

Plan your travel to New Zealand with less traffic and expenses during the shoulder seasons. These include the months of March, April, and May or September through to December. You could also think about winter travel, although your expeditions may be limited due to the cold weather.

Find Cheap Accommodation

A hotel room is the last place you should set root in New Zealand if you’re on a budget, as they can be quite expensive. Plus, there are cheaper, comfortable accommodation spots to take advantage of throughout the country. These include:

  • Hostels: A hostel might seem slightly unconventional, but it’s the most affordable way to enjoy privacy and comfort after the day’s activities are over. It is a good option for people who will spend much of their travel time outdoors.
  • Airbnb: New Zealand has hundreds of Airbnb, some even cheaper than hostels, depending on their location. Out of town, Airbnbs are more affordable than those in the city, but if much of your travel is around town, you should book an Airbnb within walking distance to the places you intend to visit.
  • Campsites: Campsites under the New Zealand Department of Conservation offer free accommodation in camp spots all around the country. Some of them are in the most beautiful locations in the country, so you won’t do much self-exploring, which costs money.
  • Holiday Parks: Although holiday parks are more expensive than campsites, they offer the best amenities at an affordable price. A room in a New Zealand park could cost as low as NZD 20 per person. 

Search for Convenient Means to Get Around

There are different ways to get from point A to B in New Zealand without spending a fortune. It all depends on your preference and budget. They include:

  • Campervans: Campervans companies rent out vehicles for travel at a reduced cost. They allow you to take their vans anywhere for days on end, provided you cover the daily rental cost plus insurance.
  • Public Means: If you’re traveling solo, you should consider taking the bus to avoid rental, toll, parking, and rental fees.
  • Relocation Rentals: Campervan companies require their vehicles transported from Auckland to Christchurch, and you can be the driver for the job. Once approved, you will be among their registered drivers and enjoy all the job privileges, including free scenic ferry rides.

Normalize Cooking

While eating out at restaurants and food joints from time to time gives you an insight into the New Zealand food culture, it’s not an affordable option in the long run. Homemade meals from your hostel, Airbnb, or campervan are healthier and cheaper. Put your kitchen skills into action, and if you need dish inspiration, you can always look up New Zealand recipes online.

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