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How a recruitment agency help your working holiday in NZ

The working holiday visa program in New Zealand aims to accord young individuals an opportunity to enhance their work experience. If you are a professional looking to sharpen your skills, New Zealand has thousands of job opportunities you can exploit. Even so, the most common question is how to get a job with a working holiday visa in New Zealand.

The working holiday visa process in New Zealand may be an exhausting task. As a foreigner, you may be unfamiliar with how the job industry works in the country. Hence, you need to look for experts such as recruitment agencies that can help you secure a job without much hassle.

Why Should You Use a Recruitment Agency?
Job searching may be a daunting task and can also take an emotional toll on you. The job-seeking process may be even more exhausting when doing it on your own. Therefore it is important to connect with a trusted recruitment agency, such as people2people to help you find the right job.

Below are some benefits of working with a recruitment agency: 

You Will Save Time
An average job seeker spends approximately 11 hours every week looking for jobs that match their needs. This can be a waste of time, given that many job seekers may already have other engagements. Teaming up with a recruitment agency will help you split the workload.

A recruitment agency has a team of individuals who understand your specific needs and the job market. Their sole purpose is to spend time looking to match potential candidates and clients. You will also save the time needed to fill out job application forms and cover letters; since recruitment agencies have an already established relationship with hiring companies. This means you can get an interview based on your recruitment agency’s recommendation, bypassing the initial job application stage entirely.

It Will Help Streamline Your Job Seeking Process
Recruitment agencies will closely work with hiring companies and job seekers. This type of relationship is to ensure that they match your skills to suitable job openings. Doing so helps streamline the hiring process by introducing you to a company if you meet that particular company’s criteria for selection.

The hiring process is streamlined because you will only meet the hiring company during the last stages of the selection process. In case there are delays on the part of the hiring company, the recruitment agency will do a follow-up and expedite the process. This way, you will have a hassle-free job search experience. Thus, a recruitment agency will help shorten the hiring process compared to when you apply independently.

You Will Get More Personalized Support
A recruitment agency will develop a more personalized and professional relationship with you. They will ensure they understand what you require in your new role and the industry you wish to work in. They will also offer suggestions on other positions they think may suit you more or others you may not even have known existed.

The expertise of a recruitment agency also enables them to diagnose problems in your initial job applications that were unsuccessful. This means they will ensure that your CV displays the right skills and that you are applying for jobs which you only qualify for.

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