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The Seasons are Changing!

In New Zealand, we start and end the calendar year with the season of Summer. Although we don’t get as sweltering hot and suffocatingly humid as our brother from down under, Australia, our summers...

The Essentials You Need for Any New Space

Moving into your first apartment should be an exciting experience. Of course, if you’ve never lived on your own before, it’s easy to forget about purchasing things you’re likely to need, sooner rather than...
start job in the best conditions

How to Avoid Being the Workplace Outsider

Beginning a new job is nerve wracking at the best of times. But for many of us, especially the more introverted of us, learning the skills and responsibilities of a new job are not...
Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Tips For Surviving a Long Flight

If you’re a globetrotter seeking adventure or an overseas visitor in Australia, then you are already experienced with long distance flying. But for those of you who aren’t jet setting across the globe every...
banks backpackers NZ

Banks and Backpackers in New Zealand

As we’ve already explained in the blog how to open a bank account, one question remained unanswered: which bank is the best for backpackers and working holiday makers travelling in New Zealand?* Because you will...
discomfort zone

Working in the Discomfort Zone

Regardless of how educated or qualified they may be, working holiday makers are often left with little choice but to take on a relatively thankless, low-paying job, be it fruit-picking, waiting tables, washing dishes,...

The Personal Qualities of a Quality Person: Applying for Low-Skilled Jobs

One thing Working Holiday Makers don’t have to worry about is being asked that most clichéd of job interview questions: Where do you see yourself in five years? Vowing long-term dedication to a company and committing...

How to Find Work in New Zealand: A Guide For Working Holiday Makers

Yes, your working holiday visa for New Zealand has been approved – congratulations! You are going to have the best time in this fantastic country (if I do say so myself!).  I’m sure you...
mental illness awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, it seems fitting to write a blog based on this subject. As we all know, social media can be a gift as well as a curse, but this...
Sun in New Zealand

When the sun shows up

It’s Monday, and I go back to work after a really nice and sunny weekend. After the very Monday-esque “Hey, what have you been up to this weekend?”, I switch on my computer, put...

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