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When the sun shows up

It’s Monday, and I go back to work after a really nice and sunny weekend. After the very Monday-esque “Hey, what have you been up to this weekend?”, I switch on my computer, put my brain on, start working as usual.

Then comes Jon.

I look at him once, my eyes go back to my screen… before I realise what I’ve seen.

Jon is red like a lobster. For a few seconds, I don’t understand, I wonder how the hell this could have happened. The weekend was sunny, for sure. He has been to the beach. Definitely. But well, it’s only October, the summer isn’t here yet, we didn’t even get to 20 degrees (Celsius) this weekend.

So, how could that happen?

Welcome to New Zealand, Kia Ora guys!

Here, the sun is much stronger than it is in Europe or in America. Yes, the ozone layer is a bit thicker than it is in Australia, but the UV levels are still very high and 40% higher than in similar latitudes in North America. Why?

  • First, the distance between the Sun and the Earth is shorter in December and January, the NZ summer.
  • Second, a lower level of pollution makes it easier for the UV radiation to pass through the atmosphere.
  • Finally, the ozone hole usually above Antarctica moves over New Zealand.

So, don’t forget to use sunblock at least from 11.00am to 3.00pm, wear a hat and sunglasses. If not, you will be like Jon, a sweet and cute red lobster coming to work on a Monday morning, enjoying a never-ending headache and you’ll think:

‘What if…?’

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