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How to get to and from the Airport  – the cheapest way!

No matter if it’s a departure or an arrival, it’s always stressful to deal with the crazy hours and the stress that’s usually experienced when you have to get to or from the airport. You’ve probably spent long hours in a plane with a crying baby on your right, a guy snoring in front of you and a girl on your left who decides to stay awake with a bright light on, all flight long, waited for half a day in an airport with absolutely nothing to do and burned down your phone battery in the meantime. Or on the contrary, you are ready to travel, excited but the likelihood of missing your flight gives you anxiety.

I can relate to both situations. So, what’s the cheapest and the safest option to get to and from the airport?


Bus going to and from the airport

The Airbus Express runs 24/7 and costs only $16 per person ($6 for a child) one way. The buses run from Britomart to the airport every 10 minutes at peak times, and it takes 40 minutes to an hour to reach the airport. You can pay for the ticket online, at the airport ticket kiosk or to the driver (AT hop cards can be used as well).


Shuttle going to and from the airport

Shuttles such as Super Shuttle run 24/7 and the ticket is about $30. 10 to 12 people can sit in one minivan, which means that you will potentially have 10 different drop-offs before yours.


Cabs and Uber going to and from the airport

The advantages of a cab or an Uber are quite obvious; they are more flexible, more comfortable and faster than the buses and the shuttles. However, they are more expensive too. The cheapest cabs are usually from the company ‘Cheap Cabs’ (surprising, right?) and it will cost you about $40, but the others are usually around $60. For an Uber, the prices vary a lot, but it’s around $60 too.


So, here is my advice:  if you don’t want to jump on the bus and the shuttle, hail an Uber and share it!

YES, share it! You’re not alone! What a better experience than sharing an Uber with other travellers to go to the city, and who knows, share a beer or two later? You won’t be the only one going to the CBD, and in doing so, you could divide the price by two or three. Get out of your comfort zone!


Finally, I would definitely not recommend driving yourself, especially if you want to go to the CBD. Finding a car park can be a nightmare and you’ll be tired from your flight(s). Driving wouldn’t be safe at all.

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