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Tips for finding a job in NZ in 2022

Understanding the New Zealand job market is the first step to a successful migration. This will also determine the type of visa to take. In New Zealand, the way you look for a job...

The best-hidden gems in New Zealand to explore

Planning a visit to New Zealand for your holidays? Well, boy oh boy, you are in for a great treat! Despite the country's significantly smaller size compared to its neighbouring country, Australia, its diverse...

The ultimate checklist before moving to NZ on a working holiday visa

If you're like most people, the thought of going on a working holiday is exciting. Whilst exciting, the thought of trying to organise and sort out all of the information needed before heading over...

Top 5 places to visit during winter in NZ

For most, coming over to New Zealand on a working holiday visa is the perfect excuse to be able to travel around the country. New Zealand is a country that offers a wide range of locations for tourists to visit and explore. With the seasons changing, it is time to visit New Zealand during winter. Winter in New Zealand can be unique, with snow falling in some parts. There are a lot of incredible places across the country that are a must for travelers in NZ. Read more to learn about some of the best-hidden gems to visit during winter in NZ.

Adapting your resume to fit into the NZ job market

means of doing this. You will need to tailor it specifically for each position to highlight your relevant skills and experience accordingly. When arriving to New Zealand on your working holiday visa, it is important to adjust your CV to fit into the market.

Top 5 places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is better known for its uniquely diverse geography and attractions, including beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, breathtaking sceneries, and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. But besides fun and adventure, the island country offers even...

5 Reasons to consider visiting New Zealand on a working holiday visa

What could you do with a year in New Zealand? How can you build your future career or find some experiences that will be precious and unique to you for the rest of your life? Let's dive into the five reasons to consider visiting New Zealand on your working holiday visa.

The Seasons are Changing!

In New Zealand, we start and end the calendar year with the season of Summer. Although we don’t get as sweltering hot and suffocatingly humid as our brother from down under, Australia, our summers...

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