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How to Have Your Working Holiday and Career Too

So you’ve secured your working holiday visa and you’re getting your ‘must see and do’ list together but if you’re going to get past the first on the list you’re going to have to get some work to fund these exciting trips and experiences.  It is called a working holiday for a reason, right?!

Just because you’re in another country doesn’t mean you have to put your career on hold.  You might assume that the only type of work open to you during your working holiday is construction or hospitality – or if you’re really desperate, one of those fundraisers on the street chasing down workers on their lunch break. people2people recruit for white collar positions in over 10 disciplines across New Zealand and Australia.  We have a range of temp and contract roles that you can apply for while meeting the work restrictions of your visa.

Many of our candidates use their overseas experience as an opportunity to explore different types of industries and roles so they have a better idea of what to focus on when they return home and have to ‘get a real job’.  One of my star temps, Rebecca, had started a law career in the UK before going off to travel the world.  She has worked for people2people as a Legal Secretary in Sydney and Auckland and has really valued the chance to work in different sized firms as well as gain experience in different areas of law.  Not to mention she’s been able to see and do a lot more things getting paid as a legal secretary rather than a waitress!

Employing a working holiday maker for temp/contract roles can be an attractive option for businesses as well.  Our clients often request working holidaymakers for these roles as it brings diversity, different ways of thinking and often a burst of energy into the team.  So, make the most of this win-win situation – develop your skills, get to know the locals and keep your career on the move!

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