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Tips and advice for a solo trip

Statistics indicate that at least 58% of millennials and 47% of older individuals have traveled solo.

Many of these people have visited some of the best global destinations for solo travelers, including Darwin, Australia’s very own ‘Friend City,’ and the exhilarating sceneries in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

At this point, you’re likely wondering what makes solo travel enticing to many people. If that is the case, we’ve provided a few reasons below. This piece will also outline a few downsides of traveling alone and essential tips for solitary adventurers.

Dig in.

Why is Solo Travel So Enticing?

  • Many travelers do it solo today because they believe traveling alone has many perks, some of which we’ve listed below.
  • Solo travel allows you to work around your itinerary. So, you don’t have to stick with people who have other plans in mind or have different definitions of “fun.”
  • When you travel alone, solitude becomes your best friend. And being in your own company has many science-backed benefits, including improved creativity and mental strength.
  • Traveling with other people often involves exploring popular destinations, like museums and parks. But when you do it solo, you can get off the beaten path and scour a few hidden gems.
  • Solo travel allows you to tune out the noise and listen to yourself. That way, you unearth attributes you never knew you had before.
  • Above all, solo travel has numerous challenges that don’t often affect groups. When you surmount them alone, you gain increased confidence in your abilities and resilience.

Is Solo Travel All Kittens and Rainbows?

No. Unfortunately, solo travel has its fair share of cons.

Solo travel can be more expensive because sharing accommodations will likely be out of the question. So, if, for instance, you get on a cruise alone, chances are high that you’ll have to book a cabin independently, which can be a bit pricier.

Moreover, solo travelers are more likely to encounter issues like lost or stolen luggage. In a group, members often have each other’s backs. So, someone will likely notice and alert everyone if anything goes down.

Lastly, you may feel lonely and bored while traveling alone, especially if you are an amateur solo traveler. But you can easily beat this by keeping an open mind and finding new ways to entertain yourself. And remember, you can always try chatting with locals, albeit in a rather loud voice, because not everyone has a good grasp of your language. It’ll be fun!

How Can You Make Solo Travel a Success?
Solo travel shouldn’t be daunting. If you do everything right, it can be a life-changing experience. By that, we mean you should pay attention to the following:

Do your homework before taking off
Before packing your bags, try to learn about the destination. Start by researching transportation and accommodation options, factoring in prices and safety. Also, check if the region you plan to visit has any restrictions, and note them down.

Don’t forget to make a list of tentative activities.
Don’t rush; take your time The vital aspect of solo travel is the enjoyment factor. That means you should try to enjoy your trip as much as possible. Sadly, one thing can undermine that: rushing, be it to or from the airport or between destinations.

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