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How to Find a Place to Live While on a New Zealand Working Holiday

One of the first steps, when you’re settling into a life in New Zealand, is finding a place to live. The search for a room can be tricky, so here are five steps to take to find your perfect accommodation.

Figure out where to stay upon arrival.

You’ll need somewhere to stay when you first arrive in your destination city, and it’s best to plan this out before beginning your trip. If you don’t know anyone in New Zealand you can stay with, hostels are inexpensive. Just be sure to read reviews and compare prices on the internet before choosing one! If you can afford something nicer, consider renting a private room through Airbnb.

Figure out your budget.

How much money are you willing to spend on housing? Keep in mind that New Zealand is more expensive than many other countries. It may be difficult to know your budget if you aren’t yet employed, but research salaries in your field and try to estimate how much you’ll be able to pay for your accommodation.

Decide what kind of housing you’d like.

Some travelers choose to stay in hostels throughout their working holiday to save money and meet fellow travelers, while others hope for something a bit quieter and more private. If you choose to look for a house or an apartment, do you want a private or shared room? Accommodation in the popular areas of the big cities have rooms that are shared between two and four people. You may decide to rent your own studio or one bedroom apartment, but remember that private rooms in shared houses are usually less expensive and better for travelers because they often come furnished and you don’t have to sign long-term leases.

Choose a neighborhood.

Research your city’s neighborhoods online, talk to locals and other travelers about their favorite areas, decide how far from the center you’re willing to live, and, most importantly, explore these areas on foot!

Find a room

Trademe is a great resource for apartment rentals. Read the descriptions thoroughly, and make sure you see a place in person and get along with the other inhabitants before committing. Also, keep an eye out on the street for old-fashioned flyers for available rooms. Don’t get discouraged if you have to sort through a lot of advertisements, make a lot of calls, and visit a lot of rooms before you find the right place for you – it can be an arduous process, but you’ll get there eventually!

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