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What’s going on in New Zealand this summer?

Summer in New Zealand is the perfect time to venture out and explore. The warm weather and festive mood make summer the most blissful period to enjoy the quintessential experience this island nation has to offer. From breath taking scenery to beach trips and hiking, the scope for enjoyment is limitless.

Tips for backpacking around New Zealand in 2023

Aotearoa: The Land of the Long White Cloud, most referred to as New Zealand. The name inspires pictures of glaciers, mountains, pristine lands, forests, and lots and lots of sheep. It is the world’s adventure capital. Every activity here is geared towards getting you out there and doing something incredible.

Cost-effective tips to make the most of your NZ trip.

New Zealand has been known for many things, but being cheap isn’t one of them. On the contrary, the country is among the most expensive places to visit due to the increased cost of living. Even so, with a proper plan and some spending restraint, you can enjoy the whole quintessential experience New Zealand has to offer. Read on to find out the different ways to explore the country without burning a hole in your pocket.

How does the cost of living in New Zealand affect someone travelling?

The cost of living is an important factor to consider when travelling, as it can eat into your budget and affect how long you can stay in a destination. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the cost of living in New Zealand affects travellers, both in terms of prices for accommodation and food and activities.

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