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Applying For an IRD Number

You have landed in New Zealand and you have opened a bank account. The last step you have to go through before starting your job hunt is simple: getting your IRD number.

Here is the list of all the information you will have to give:

  • Your passport details, and your Immigration NZ Application number if you’re not Australian. This last information is written on your visa.
  • Your tax number in your home country (if you have a number). You will need to state why if you haven’t one.
  • A fully functional bank account. You can provide a screenshot of your bank account that includes your name, your bank account number, and at least one deposit and one withdrawal of different amounts. Another option: ask your bank for a letter with your name, your bank account number, that states that your bank account is fully functional.
  • Your Visa, to prove you’re applying for an IRD number for employment in New Zealand.

Once you have these documents on hand, you will be able to apply for your IRD number here and get it by email and text message (two working days), or mail (up to ten days).

In the rare case you didn’t land in New Zealand under your Working Holiday Visa (for example, you had an NZ student visa and in a second time, you applied for the Working Holiday Visa), you will have to send copies of all the information above by email, plus your proof of address and the form available here to

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