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5 Things to Do Before Applying For a Job

You’ve finally taken the time to sit down and get serious in searching for a job. Here are a few things to remind you before you travel down the sometimes long and winding jobseeker road:


Apply online, not by email

Unless the job ad has specifically stated to do so – which is frankly never. Please don’t see it as taking advantage of the opportunity and thinking it will make your application stand out among the rest; it really won’t. Unless your CV is ridiculously spectacular or there was some unforeseen technical glitch where you had failed to submit your CV multiple times, you’ll just be remembered as that person who had to send an email instead of just clicking the “Apply Now” button.


Do the dates match?

If you haven’t changed anything in your CV since five years ago and you’ve had two other jobs since then, make sure that all the dates are lining up and make sense. For additional information on more tips on what (and what not) to include in your CV, check out this article.


What to wear to an interview

The number one rule of interview attire is that it’s better to overdress than underdress. Don’t ever think it’s okay to show up in casual streetwear unless your interviewer specifically states it’s fine especially, for example, you may be coming to your interview straight from work. Other than that, click here to get an idea of what you should wear in an interview.


Referee, can I get some feedback, please?

It’s best practice to get in touch with your referees as early as possible especially if your next role requires an immediate start, but even then, having referees at the ready will show how willing and well prepared you are. Ensure that you actually get approval from them, as it’s extremely awkward if your referee is called when they have evidently declined in providing a reference – that in itself is involuntary feedback. Reach out to those who will give you a positive reference, but remember to keep it professional: no relatives or best friends.


Don’t forget the NZ requirements

Last but not least, you need to have your IRD number and your bank account ready. Go to the closest bank, bring your passport or any proof of identification, a proof of address (a tenant or sharing agreement would be perfect), your overseas Tax Identification number and a copy of your visa. Once you’ve got your bank account, apply online for your IRD. You should get your IRD within a week!

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